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If you want to make a return of a non-personalized purchase, call us within thirty (30) days of receiving your order to receive authorization for a return and we will give you a refund, exchange or store credit for all unused products that were shipped to you.  Your return then must be sent back to us within seven (7) days after notifying us that you are making a return in order to receive a refund, credit or exchange.  * PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:  There are no refunds for shipping & handling.  There are no refunds or exchanges for products that were specially ordered (eg. personalized wall plaques, products we do not carry), products on clearance, CD's that have been opened, books that have been read or gift baskets.  In accordance to the law, we can also not accept returns of food product(s). We do not give refunds if you are returning a product to us that was purchased by someone else other then you for you, but we will issue you a store credit or an exchange.   Finally, if you refuse a shipment from the third party shipping company (FedEX, UPS, etc… ) that we used to send your order, you are responsible for all shipping costs incurred, including shipping charges to you and back to us. Follow the directions below on RETURNING MERCHANDISE.

INSRUCTIONS FOR RETURNING DAMAGED MERCHANDISE:  CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY TO REPORT ALL DAMAGED MERCHANDISE.  You must contact us within 3 days of receiving your damaged merchandise or we will not be able to process your claim and offer you an exchange, refund or store credit.  In order for us to process your claim, you must save the damaged merchandise in its entirety and save all packing materials (bubble wrap, styrofoam peanuts, etc…) including the shipping container/box for inspection by our shipping company.  If the damaged merchandise, packing material and shipping container/box are missing for the inspection by our shipping company, you will not receive an exchange, refund or store credit.

DO NOT SHIP BACK ANY DAMAGED MERCHANDISE TO US.  We will arrange inspection of your claim and pick up of the damaged merchandise as soon as possible by the shipping company after you report the claim to us.  Once the shipping company picks up the damaged merchandise and processes the claim, we will replace the damaged product and ship out the product you originally ordered immediately.   * If you do ship back the damaged merchandise to us without contacting us first for special instructions, we will not give you a refund, exchange or store credit.

Mechanical Products (Eg. Clocks):
Call immediately for special instructions and an authorization number before returning a mechanical product that is malfunctioning. All mechanical products are thoroughly inspected & tested and receive an inspection number before they are shipped. If a customer claims that the mechanical product is being returned because of a mechanical malfunction and we find out upon inspection once the product has been returned that the product is not malfunctioning, we will not be responsible for any shipping costs (to and from the customer).

INSTRUCTIONS FOR RETURNING MERCHANDISE (Merchandise not damaged):  Before you ship back any merchandise, you must (a) call us at 1.800.96.ITALY (48259) within thirty (30) days of receiving your order to receive an authorization number and further instructions for returning merchandise back to us, (b) send your return back to us within seven (7) days after notifying us that you are making a return in order to receive a refund, store credit or exchange, (c) provide a copy of your original receipt that was emailed to you with your return or exchange, (d) ship back your product(s) to us in the manner that it was originally packed and shipped to you by carefully repackaging the merchandise in the packing material (bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts) and box originally provided to you or in similar packing material & in a similar sturdy shipping box, (e) when you ship your return or exchange to us, you are responsible for all shipping expenses of your return or exchange, including fully insuring the unused merchandise for it’s full value.  If you are shipping back Ceramics, remember they are fragile, so take extra care when packing your return. We are not responsible for lost or misdirected returns, so be sure to insure your return.  If you do not follow the instructions outlined in this paragraph, we will not give you a refund, exchange or store credit. . If of course, we do make a mistake with your order, we will rectify the problem for you at no additional charge.

Refunds & Exchanges for all products receiving Free Shipping:  You are responsible for all shipping expenses of your return or exchange back to us, including fully insuring the unused merchandise for it’s full value. If you received Free Shipping for product(s) that you will be returning, we will deduct all original shipping costs that we incurred to get your product(s) to you (from our business to your desired destination) from the purchase price of the product(s) you are returning. See
Shipping Information for shipping charges. If of course, we do make a mistake with your order, we will rectify the problem at no additional charge. *Exchanges: If you are making an exchange for another product that also gets FREE SHIPPING, you will receive FREE SHIPPING for the new product that will be shipped to you.

Ceramics: Since our ceramics are handmade & hand painted (See handout "About Our Ceramics" under section "Care & Usage" given with shipment), we are not responsible for any shipping costs (original & return shipping costs – see previous 2 paragraphs), if you decide to return your ceramic product(s) because of variations (color, size, design, small smudges or paint spots, loose lids, etc… ) that are characteristics of these handmade ceramics created by artisans. As you know, these variances are evidence of an original, unique, one of a kind, handcrafted, handpainted piece of artwork.

Gift Baskets:  Please note that all sales are final for Gift Baskets, but we will rectify any problem with any of our products in our Gift Baskets with an exchange or store credit.  In accordance to the law, no refunds will be given to any food product(s), unless there is a problem with the product.

DISPUTING CHARGES:  If you find that you have been charged incorrectly by us, please call us at 800-96-ITALY (48259) or email us at info@firenzegifts.com as soon as possible so we can rectify the problem. If you dispute accurate charges with your credit card company that we charged to your credit card, you will be responsible for all chargeback fees (min. charge is $20.00) along with what you monetarily owe to us for purchased merchandise.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 800-96-ITALY (48259).

All information provided above, will be included in writing with your shipment.

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