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Rhinestone Italian T-Shirts

 * Swarovski Rhinestones  * 100% guaranteed  * American Apparel shirts * Made in the U.S.A.

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Get your favorite Italian saying in Swarovski crystal rhinestones.  These stunning Rhinestone Italian T-Shirts & Aprons for women are designed exclusively for FIRENZE Italian Specialties.  All of these quality Rhinestone Italian T Shirts & Aprons are made with genuine Swarovski crystal rhinestones that are individually handset.

The price of these Rhinestone Italian Shirts & Aprons are determined by the amount of rhinestones used.  All shirts and aprons are inspected before shipping and may take up to 3 business days for processing because they are handset and made to order.  Made in the USA. 

Our Rhinestone T-Shirts... Ours tees (American Apparel & Hanes Silver for Her) are 100% cotton and are styled for a fitted look & are meant to fit snuggly to flatter the natural curves of a woman, so if a roomier fit is desired, the next size up should be purchased.  Please keep this in mind when selecting your size - when in doubt, order one size up.  We offer a variety of t-shirt sizes for teen and adult women. We even offer an Italian Princess Tee Shirt for young girls.  Please keep this in mind when selecting your size.  When in doubt, order one size up.  Please select your size carefully.  Learn more about the Wash and Care of Our Rhinestone Italian Tee Shirts.

Our Rhinestone Aprons... One size fits all for adults.  Made of 65% polyester & 35% cotton. Learn more about the Wash and Care of Our Rhinestone Aprons.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Rhinestones (but didn't know who to ask.) The word rhinestone means "stone of the rhine", because the crystal stones are associated with the rhine region where they were originally created.  Rhinestones are a term used for lead crystal which has been precision-cut to resemble a jewel. Today, rhinestones are used extensively in fashion to make jewelry, apparel and accessories.

The story of rhinestones began in Austria in the 1890's when Daniel Swarovski invented a machine for cutting crystal with a precision and speed that far surpassed the hand-cutting of local artisans like his father.  It took 9 years to invent the machine, but when he filed the patent, it began a new era in crystals.

What is a Swarovski crystal? 100% Genuine Swarovski Rhinestone Crystals. The Rhinestones used on our Rhinestone Italian T-Shirts are made with only the Swarovski Xilion 14 facet rhinestones for greater sparkle.   They have much better color consistency and don't have the size and shape imperfections of other stones.  Swarovski Rhinestone crystals are the best of the best.  The difference is visible!  Look for the Swarovski name, if it doesnt say Swarovski, it isn't.

Swarovski is the name of the company founded by Daniel Swarovski that still produces the highest quality rhinestone products in the world.  The rhinestones produced by the company have a higher lead content and more precise cutting to produce a stone that reflects light at precise angles to produce the greatest reflection. Swarovski crystals are often referred to as Austrian crystals.

Swarovski continues to innovate new processes for improving the brilliance of its rhinestones. In 2004 the company introduced the Xilion cut rhinestone, with 14 alternating facets of different sizes that produce perfect refraction and intense light distribution throughout the crystal.  Only Swarovski rhinestones have this patented cut, the difference in brilliance is clearly visible to the naked eye.

What other types of Rhinestones are there?  Czech, Korean and Acrylic crystals are the most common alternatives. Czech Machine Cut stones are not much less expensive than Swarovski and are not yet available in a 14 facet cut, so why would you bother with them?  The Korean and Acrylic stones are much less expensive than Swarovski, but you get what you pay for. Lesser quality stones are inconsistent in their cut, so they vary greatly in terms of the brilliance of the shine.  Some of these stones are made from cut glass, not crystal lead, so they offer very low light transmission.

How are Rhinestones attached to the shirts & aprons? Rhinestones can be attached to fabric through several methods, the most common is hotfix transfer of rhinestones to the fabric.  Swarovski has developed a special heat-activated glue that produces a superior bond between the fabric and the rhinestone. 

Why use American Apparel T-Shirts? 
American Apparel makes the best basic t-shirts anywhere.  There are a lot more expensive t-shirts from designer names, but American Apparel is growing a business that is built on being the best of class at the basics.  American Apparel t-shirts are made in the USA in a sweatshop free environment that is socially responsible.  They are made with a higher yarn count weave which allows them to hold their shape much longer than other tees.   So you can live in your shirt for a long time and it is less prone to ball-up with repeated washings.  The shirts are also very soft, and feel great to wear. They are form-fitting to flatter the female figure.  * Please note - Our size 3XL  t-shirts are Hanes Silver for Her.  Unfortunately American Apparel only makes up to size 2XL.  Hanes Silver for Her is also a good quality t-shirt.

Our t-shirts run small and are meant to fit snuggly, to flatter the natural curves of a woman.  Our tees are 100% cotton and are styled for a fitted look, please keep this in mind when selecting your size - when in doubt, order one size up.

Sure we could have gotten a cheaper t-shirt, but we don't cut corners. 


 * Swarovski Rhinestones  * 100% guaranteed  * American Apparel shirts * Made in the U.S.A.

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